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 CHOLEST GUARD : Reduces Cholesterol Naturally


A safe approach to heart disease prevention - Cholest Guard is an effective Cholesterol fighter, straight from Mother Nature.

Cholest Guard is a proven & unique formulation which eliminates cholesterol and harmful fat from the system by increasing the hepatic uptake. It reduces Cholesterol and in turn keeps the heart, kidneys and brain healthy.

 Benefits :

  • Helps remove deposited cholesterol from blood vessels.
  • Acts as an unique tonic for heart muscles.
  • Reduces the risk of cerebral & cardiac stroke.
  • Prevents the rise of blood pressure.


 Active ingredients :

Guggulu Purified - Normalises lipid metabolism, promotes hepatic intake of deposited cholesterol & converts them into non-active form.

Arjun Chal - Acts as a tonic to the heart muscles & blood vessels, restores the elasticity of blood vessels.

Lashun - Increase HDL, LDL ratio by altering the metabolism of lipids & protect the vessel walls from oxidative damage & plaque formation.

Zinger - Promotes digestive power thereby reducing cholesterol production.

Chai - Natural anti-oxidants, removes excess fat from the body and corrects the vascular disorders. Contains No Sugar, Chemicals or Preservatives.

 Dosage : 1-2 Capsules twice a day or as directed by Physician.