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Goodcare Pharma, a well-reputed house of ayurvedic and herbal products has launched an ethnic sauce 'KASUNDI'. Kasundi, a traditionally made household recipe, is now available in a convenient glass bottle. Kasundi is being prepared in Indian houses since long. Goodcare has adopted exactly the same recipe and has very carefully employed the same ingredients in the preparation of Kasundi.



 Contains :


Apart from mustard, the main spice, the product Kasundi has many other natural nutritive ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, vinegar etc. These ingredients impart unique delicious flavour to the product. Kasundi is a taste enhancer and an excellent accompaniment of pakoras, fries, pizzas etc. Kasundi can be used in place of mustard paste for gravy preparations as well. It is hygienically manufactured and bottled in ISO certified world-class food processing plant. Vigorous quality checks are employed at each stage of processing and the finest quality of natural raw materials go into the product formulation.

Goodcare Kasundi is available in 200gms-glass bottle, which has a flip cap for ease of pouring.



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