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Spirulina, an aquatic vegetable is called the "Ultimate Super Food" all over the world. It contains more nutrients than any other food, be it plant, grain, herb or even meat. Actually, it is the greatest source of protein (much more than meat, eggs, pulses, soya beans etc.), essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, Spirulina is deficient in Vitamin C, a supplement that our body requires daily to prevent diseases.


SPIRULINA PLUS corrects this imbalance by combining Amla- Nature's greatest source of Vitamin C-with pure Spirulina. No wonder, it is called SPIRULINA PLUS !


What's more,SPIRULINA PLUS being a rich source of antioxidants,slows down the ageing process by fighting free radicals.Free radicals are bio-chemical elements that are known to be responsible for diseases like cataract, arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes,excessive stress and fatigue, even cancer. Take SPIRULINA PLUS for your daily requirement of nutrition minus the unwanted calories. Remember, even if you have to skip a meal, with SPIRULINA PLUS you won't skip the nutrition.



 With SPIRULINA PLUS now you can :

  • Build stamina to cope with work pressure, PLUS
  • Stay younger, resist ageing, PLUS
  • Check cholesterol and blood sugar levels, PLUS
  • Provide essential nutrition for active children, PLUS
  • Control weight by getting nutrition without the calories, PLUS
  • Have glowing skin and healthy, lustrous hair, PLUS
  • Recover from illnesses faster, PLUS
  • Have a positive balance of nutritional elements like proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, iron etc. With no side effects.


 Each capsule of SPIRULINA PLUS contains :

  • Amla (the greatest source of Vitamin C).
  • Beta-Carotene that overcomes eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency
  • Proteins, Calcium, Magnesium and essential minerals
  • Vitamin B-complex, a necessary nutritional supplement for children.
  • Gama .Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that regulates the hormonal system. GLA is otherwise contained only in mother's milk.
  • Iron to eliminate problems of anaemia, especially for pregnant women.
  • Digestible proteins, especially significant for the malnourished whose intestines can no longer absorb nutrients effectively
  • A 100% natural, organic, vegetarian & cholesterol free diet.



  • 5OOO% more iron than spinach!
  • 1000% more beta - carotene than carrots!
  • 5OO% more calcium than milk!
  • 300% more protein than soya beans!
  • Amla - richest source of Vitamin C!
  • I kg. of SPIRULINA PLUS delIvers more nutrition than I000 kgs. of assorted vegetables.


 Dosage :

  • 2-3 capsules daily at breakfast time.
  • Each capsule contains: Spirulina (Shaibal) 450 mg.,
  • Amla Powder 150 mg.
  • A regular course of SPIRULINA PLUS takes care of your daily nutritional needs, plus keeps your lifestyle going. Indeed, it's a plus plus.




Your hectic lifestyle, with little or no time to eat proper meals can lead to serious eating disorders which make you miss out on nutrients thatare absolutely essential for your body. Spirulina Plus has the most balanced combination of essential nutrients, making it the only health food alternative to isolated vitamin supplements. It provides your body with the necessary nutrition it requires to remain healthy, naturally.  Being 100% natural, it is easily absorbed by the body. With Spirulina Plus you won't skip the nutrition even if you skip a meal.



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