Research & Development

For us, Research & Development are the prerequisites of production. Which is why we are so proud of our R&D Centre at Joka, near Kolkata, West Bengal. It is manned by qualified Ayurvedic doctors, engineers and chemists who research the active ingredients in medicinal herbs.

The functions of the Centre include

  • Identification of easily available herbs with high therapeutic value
  • Formulation of new products and upgrading existing products
  • Pharmacological and toxicological studies
  • Clinical trials on new products
  • Selection of the perfect herbal ingredients for various medicines
  • Identification and gradation of herbs according to their protective and curative properties
  • Helping the various production units of the Company to operate more efficiently, conserve energy and optimise resources.

And thats just the beginning... we plan to introduce herbal medicines in newly emerging therapeutic segments, including diabetology, cardiovascular diseases and hepatology. Although these segments are growing rapidly, at present there are no herbal remedies available for such diseases. The R&D facility actively collaborates with various academic institutions and Government-run hospitals to assess the applicability of its research findings to practical situations.

Our commitment is to deliver authentic and effective Ayurvedic remedies that are affordable. For this purpose, the Company has set aside substantial funds to be invested in R&D projects.